BRUCE JENNER Is Named The NEW Face Of This Cosmetic Company

Published on February 27, 2016

Bruce Jenner will now be the first transgender model to become the face of a makeup retailer. From gold medals to shimmery eyelids, things have changed quite a bit.

Transgender reality TV personality Bruce Jenner was introduced as the new face of MAC Cosmetics on Friday, officially making the Olympian gold medalist the first transgender model to secure a beauty contract with a major makeup retailer.

According to Page Six, Jenner inked a deal with MAC that is rumored to be worth at least seven figures and gives him his own signature lipstick. The deal will also assist the Estée Lauder-owned company in becoming more involved with the transgender community, as all profits from Jenner’s “Finally Free” lipstick will benefit the M•A•C AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative, per the company’s website.

Jenner took to Instagram on Friday to share details of the agreement with his followers.

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