BRUTAL: Trump Trounces In Nevada With 45% Of The Vote With Record Voter Turnouts

Published on February 24, 2016

Donald Trump rose to victory once again in the Nevada caucus as he blew away the other GOP candidates with an overwhelming 45% of the vote with record voter turnout.

Marco Rubio predicted for the first time on Wednesday morning that he will win the Republican primary election next month in his home state of Florida and said he can still snatch the presidential nomination from Donald Trump next month – despite finishing far behind front-runner Donald trump in Tuesday’s Nevada caucuses.

The Florida senator’s promise came despite polls that show him running a distant third place in the Sunshine State, and failing to lead anywhere except Utah.

‘We’ll win in Florida. Now that Gov. Bush is no longer in the race, and him and I split up a lot of the support in Florida. That will help us,’ he boasted on ‘CBS This Morning.’

Jeb Bush, Florida’s former governor, dropped out of the race on Saturday after posting a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

Trump claimed in his Tuesday night victory speech following a strong victory in Nevada’s GOP caucuses that he could have the Republican presidential nomination sewn up in under two months.

He won with 45.9 per cent of the vote, ahead of Rubio’s 23.8 per cent and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21.3 per cent.

Trump is also far ahead in the most recent Florida poll, a CBS News/YouGov survey that put him in first place with 41 per cent of the vote. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is in second place there with 22 per cent, and Rubio has just 18 per cent.

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On the same night of the Nevada caucus, Trump paid a surprise visit to the site where voters were. Glenn Beck was also speaking at the same time in support of Ted Cruz, but it looks like everyone was more concerned with what Trump had to say. Check it out…

Donald Trump paid a surprise visit to a Nevada caucus site Tuesday night, telling reporters Ted Cruz‘s third-place showing in South Carolina is a result of voter sentiment in response to his campaign’s controversial tactics.

“People have gotten wise to him,” Trump said Tuesday told reporters during in a live interview broadcast on MSNBC.

“If you look at what happened in South Carolina, that was a disaster for him.”

Trump made his comments after a brief speech to supporters at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, a major caucus site in the city. He made the surprise visit as conservative commentator Glenn Beck was speaking to the crowd in support of Ted Cruz.

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