DHS Whistleblower Just Revealed Who Obama Is Protecting While ENDANGERING Civilians

Written by Wes Walker on February 10, 2016

Imagine the outrage, the news stories, and the documentaries if someone caught the other team doing it. They would line up to denounce the corruption we see in government if they were Republican. The earlier examples were bad enough, but this latest is truly criminal.

MSNBC would be wall-to-wall coverage. Moore would be frothing at the mouth. Tenured professors would demand senior officials be dragged away in leg irons. But it’s their team in office. So there’s nothing to see here. (How tragic that those whose job it is to hold government to account refuse to do so out of partisan loyalty.)

Remember when Michael Moore went looking for someone to blame after 9/11? Facts be damned, he was going to hold someone to account… so long as it was the other team. Where are the angry filmmakers in this Age of Accountability and Transparency we were promised?

The FBI is now actively investigating one of the Presidential nominees. She’s under investigation for actions taken during her time in an Obama appointment: destruction of emails, mishandling of National Secrecy, and lying about it on the public record. We could also lay at Obama’s feet any number of other things, Lois Lerner’s use of IRS to punish conservatives and refusal to produce subpoenaed records, Fast & Furious, scapegoating some filmmaker for Benghazi events, open refusal to enforce Immigration laws — on and on it goes.

But all that is old news. The new one is far, far worse than that. And as you see it, ask yourself “how would this have been reported under a Republican administration?”

What would the media say, for example, if Dubya were shown purging documents that would make him look bad in the 9/11 investigation? Keep your answer in mind. Because Newsmax reports a story with Patrick Haney, 15 year veteran of DHS. Here’s a quote from the article:

“Just one month before the attempted attack, Haney said, his DHS supervisors ordered him to either delete or modify the records for several hundred people tied to Islamist terror organizations, including Hamas, from the Treasury Enforcement Communications System, the federal database. “

The attack he refers to is the “Underwear Bomber”, the one in which Obama threw intelligence under the bus for “failing to connect the dots”. Haney rightly points out that connecting dots is much more difficult after those dots have been deliberately erased

He goes on in the article to name a number of other events that might have been anticipated had they been looking to catch terrorists, rather than running interference for them. In December, he told the story about how this same practice may have prevented the San Bernardino shootings from taking place.

Notice the timeline he gives. He says this travesty of political correctness began in 2009. This is one problem that can’t be blamed on Bush. This was also somewhere around the time that NASA was charged with making Islam feel good about themselves.

Now let’s contrast: Remember the scolding the Democrats gave Bush over the 9/11 Commission?

“The 9/11 Commission gave a lot of F’s to our government’s efforts to secure the homeland.  Unfortunately, like bad students, I think this Administration and Congress are going to continue to be truant and delinquent on homeland security for a long time to come.  The federal government, under its current leadership, simply isn’t taking our nation’s security seriously enough, leaving us unprepared to face a terrorist attack.”

Think back to the answer you gave to that earlier hypothetical question about Dubya. Where are the Newspapers and TV talking heads now their team that is not merely falling short, but actively undermining National Security? When will Michael Moore be releasing a “Fahren-Hope 9/11” piece?

How cold and calculating do those crocodilian tears and comforts to the families of those 14 murdered in San Bernardino seem now? Does PC politicking really trump the lives of those who elected him? Protect the Narrative at all costs? And somehow, the media is strangely silent.

Somehow, now it’s “when the President does it, that means it is not illegal.” Peachy.  (Who was it that said that again..? And what was the context?)

Have our consciences become so seared, and our politics so polarized that we have to check what party someone belongs to before we can call him out on it?

If so, it isn’t just our politicians who can be bought. It means we can be, too.

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