HEY, BEYONCE & BERNIE: 2 Deputies SHOT at Paneras In Maryland… Are You HAPPY Now? #BoycottBeyonce

Are Beyonce and Bernie Sanders happy now that their anti-cop rhetoric is actually affecting the lives of officers who risk their safety for others?

Here is an official statement via Facebook:

It is with great sadness, that I tell you that both deputies shot earlier this morning have succumbed to their injuries.

One deputy was a 30 year veteran of this agency, and served in the Court Services Division. The other deputy had served this agency for 16 years and was assigned to the Community Services Division.

We ask at this time you please offer their families respect and privacy.

Next, we can tell you that in the last few hours we have identified the deceased suspect as David Brian Evans, a 67 year old white male, born on 12/25/1947. Evans had at least two outstanding warrants in two states. One criminal warrant out of the State of Florida for assaulting a police officer and fleeing and eluding. The second is a Circuit Court civil writ issued by the Circuit Court of Harford County.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders visits The View to show off more of his anti-cop stances on national television:

Bernie Sanders is trying to improve his standing with the African-American community in more ways than one.

In New York City this morning, just hours after he clobbered Hillary Clinton, gaining 60 percent of the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, he met with a possible new ally – powerful civil right activist Al Sharpton.

Sanders then hopped over to the set of ‘The View’ where he talked about the meeting and why his candidacy might be of interest to the African-American community.

‘We have a lot of support within the African-American community, but I think most importantly, I think the reason we’ll do well is our views on criminal justice in this current country and that is, we have a broken criminal justice system,’ Sanders said.

‘When a police officer breaks the law, like any other public official, that officer must he held accountable,’ Sanders added, referring to the officer shootings of unarmed black men that have inspired the protest movement ‘Black Lives Matter.’  (Daily Mail)

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