Liberals Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Trump Victory… Look What They’re Labeling His Supporters

Published on February 10, 2016

Liberals are mad as HELL that Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary — and they are unhinged like never before.

The leftist media reacted with vitriol to Donald Trump’s crushing victory in New Hampshire – stooping to a new low by labeling his supporters racist, sexist zombies.

Trump trounced nearest contender John Kasich, taking 34 per cent of the vote, with establishment favorite Marco Rubio lagging behind in fifth place.

The Huffington Post exploded with resentment, running with the headline ‘NH GOES RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC’ in huge red capital letters. (Source: Info Wars)

A short time later, the headline was changed to ‘WTF GOP – Racist, Sexist, Demagogue WIns NH’.

It didn’t stop there, the New York Daily News wanted to one up The Huffington Post and decided to run this anti-Trump front page:

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