Muslim Men Gang RAPED 13yr. Old UK Girl And Get THIS Many Years In Prison

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Is this the ‘religion of peace’ that Obama is always talking about? When you see the time that these Muslim men are getting in prison for raping this teen girl, it will make your blood boil.

The teenager was a virgin when she was sexually exploited for the men’s own “selfish, sexual gratification” after she was groomed by a teenage ringleader she believed was her boyfriend.

The girl was passed around and used by the group of “nasty” men by Ahmed Al-Choudhury who first raped the girl was she was just 12.

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She told a jury how he was aged 15 and became angry when she tried to refuse sex calling her “a little white b*****d” and “you little white slag” before attacking her.

Taxi driver Mohammed Akram, 63, of Keighley, was found guilty of sexual activity with the first girl but did not know the other men.

Khalid Raja Mahmood, 34, pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and three charges of sexual activity with a child.

Peter Hampton, prosecuting, said Mahmood raped the victim on two occasions. The girl also submitted to sex on other occasions, usually after Mahmood had plied her with alcohol and cannabis.

Mahmood is currently serving an eight-year jail sentence for raping a woman in a park in Keighley and trying to abduct a 10-year-old girl as she played on a scooter near her home, the court heard.

Judge Roger Thomas QC handing the men jail sentences of between three-and-a-half and 20 years at Bradford Crown Court, said: “The victim clearly demanded pity and understanding but their view of her was heartless and demeaning.

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