Obama Meets With Pro-Terrorism, Anti-LBGT Muslims — Guess How Many Gays Protest?

Written by Thomas Holmes on February 3, 2016

Like massive planets streaking through the universe at light speed, circling each other and threatening to implode all known existence if they impacted, multiple pillars of political correctness collided today, potentially disintegrating the Marxist Utopia they’re upholding. Well, at least it would disintegrate if anybody on the Left or in the media bothered to think for 10 seconds on the logical insanity of President Obama’s Mosque visit today. Obama visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore, an organization with a history of supporting suicide bombings, and met privately with it’s current leader, Imam Yaseen Shaikh, who is one of the most outspoken Muslims dictating Islam’s rejection of homosexuality.

Those millions of shocked gasps and furious demands for “social justice” you’re undoubtedly hearing right now are all coming from the LBGT community who’ve looked to Obama as their great social savior. They are obviously furious over the President’s collaboration with this religious nut bag who is trying to push his bigoted, outdated, beliefs on an enlightened people. Oh, wait, this guy isn’t a Christian?

Never mind.

Clearly, all common sense should have demanded the LBGT crowd insist the President justify his acknowledgement of Shaikh with a privately meeting and the decimated-by-violence Baltimore citizens insist he justify visiting an organization whose previous leader, according to Breitbart, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. And while we’re at it, while we’re at it, maybe Shaikh and the Islamic Society of Baltimore might want to know what such a pro-Islam, ahem brother, like Obama is doing lighting up the White House like a Care Bear in support of gay marriage and the gay movement? The again, what does the Left care about common sense?

It’s obvious Obama is playing a cultural shell game with all the special interests he’s connived, the real question is just how long will each group pretend there’s no conflict with their message, and how long will regular Americans not mentally insert Slot A Into Tab B and put together that these idiot progressives can’t really even sell their whole Utopian house of cards to themselves without totally ignoring basic reality?

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