QUESTION: Would Melania Trump Be A Big Improvement Over Michelle Obama?


Do you think having Melania Trump living in the White House would be a huge improvement from the First Lady that is currently residing there?

As people see a Trump presidency becoming more realistic, they wonder about who their new first lady would be:

Few who have been to the White House come away unimpressed with its imposing splendour and sumptuous glamour – a fitting home for a man who is master of all he surveys.

But for Melania Trump, one just hopes it won’t be a terrible comedown.

As Americans try to come to terms with the astonishing prospect that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump really could become the next U.S. president, curiosity about the woman who might be America’s First Lady is growing.

As these new pictures make dazzlingly clear, the former Slovenian supermodel is the couture-clad mistress of some of the most lavishly appointed homes in America.

Most of the photos were taken in the glittering bauble that tops the outspoken billionaire’s property tree — a vast triplex apartment at the top of the 68-floor Trump Tower in Manhattan with fabulous views across Central Park.

Designed to evoke the Palace of Versailles (though even Louis XVI was never this garish), it boasts a cavernous hall of mirrors, acres of marble set off by ‘24-carat gold and diamond accents’, and ceilings hand-painted with cherubs and scenes from Greek myths.

Trump also owns Seven Springs, a huge mansion outside New York in the upmarket hamlet of Bedford, which boasts 60 rooms, two servants’ wings, 15 bedrooms, three swimming pools and 230 acres of land.

There’s another mansion in rural Virginia, a huge house on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and a vast waterside pile at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Mrs Trump is certainly not embarrassed by the ostentatiousness, regularly posting pictures of her extravagant existence on social media.

At 45, 24 years younger than Trump, she has for years had to put up with people sniggering that all she sees in him is a great big dollar sign. Asked this week what it was that first attracted her to him, Mrs Trump avoided the obvious trap.

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