Published on February 16, 2016

These activists just got slammed by their government for speaking out against Islam and are now being threatened big time.

Britain First activists were reportedly threatened with a dawn raid and later arrested by police after they published a viral video which showed members of the group being confronted by Muslims in the town of Luton.

The original video, which attracted tens of millions of views on Facebook, shows Muslims embroiled in heated arguments with Britain First activists, vowing to “take over,” as well as making violent threats and at least one physical assault.


Luton police subsequently issued a statement saying they would investigate Britain First, seek to ban the group from entering Luton again and that, “no members of the local community,” ie the Muslims that hurled abuse, would be arrested.

According to Britain First leader Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen, they received a phone call from Bedfordshire Police on Saturday night threatening the pair with an early morning raid if the two didn’t voluntarily surrender and be arrested on the charge of “wearing political uniforms” the following Monday. Bedfordshire Police deny that such a threat was made.

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