‘STICKER KID’ Photobombs Hillary’s ‘Victory’ Speech And It’s Frickin’ HILARIOUS


This kid just trolled Hillary Clinton in the best way possible, and she didn’t even notice.

Hillary Clinton was not just battling Bernie Sanders in Iowa on Monday, but also a new and unlikely opponent – Sticker Kid.

Peter Clinkscales, a student at Drake University, is still undecided as to who he will vote for in the upcoming election, but seeing that Clinton was going to appear at his college on Monday decided to stop by and spend her entire speech making exaggerated facial movement while covered in stickers.

In the end, his antics managed to draw attention away from Clinton as she delivered her ‘victory’ speech because the young man could be seen right over her shoulder the entire time.

He also did a little bit of dancing at the end of Clinton’s remarks.

In an interview with Mashable after Clinton;’s speech, Clinkscales said; ‘I saw that a presidential candidate was going to be at my university so I decided I should go see that presidential candidate at my university.’

He then added he and a friend originally had another plan for the evening, explaining; ‘We thought it would be a great idea if we brought two saxophones here to the rally for Hillary Clinton so he could play one and he could play one.’ 

When they learned those instruments would not be allowed inside the rally however, they went with stickers, animated expressions and dancing – which managed to do the trick.

Clinkscales later wrote on Twitter; ‘Lol I trended on Twitter #bucketlist #stickerboy #stickerkid’

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