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SUPERBOWL HERO & ZERO: Peyton Manning Is Pure CLASS While Cam Newton Is A WHINY Loser

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Cam Newton proved in his temper tantrums why he did NOT deserve to win the Superbowl. Compare his reaction to Peyton Manning’s, who was nothing but a class act.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has  stormed out of a press conference following Sunday’s unexpected loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

Grilled over how disappointing it was to walk away second place having been widely tipped as favorites, Newton managed a single complete answer before resorting to one-word responses.

Pushed on how the team was taking the defeat, the 26-year-old sat stony-faced for a few moments before silently getting up and walking out of the press conference.

His sulky display followed a series of on-field tantrums after it became clear the Panthers were heading for a loss. (Daily Mail)

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Compare that to classy Peyton Manning after winning the Super Bowl:

Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl dream came true as the Denver Broncos battled through to clinch the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Manning won his second Super Bowl after the Broncos triumphed 24-10 over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

He was joined after the victory by his son Marshall, five, and twin daughter Mosley. His wife was also at the game but the first person he got a kiss from was Papa John’s owner John Schnatter who is one of his longtime sponsors.

The Broncos dominated the game and never looked like giving away the lead after surging ahead early on.

Manning, 39, is almost certain to retire after a career that has seen him named MVP five times and regarded as one of the NFL’s best ever quarterbacks.

However, he was coy about his plans and said he would take time off to discuss his future with his family before making a decision.

In fact, the only thing Manning seemed to be sure of after the game was that he was going to kiss his wife and children before drinking a fair few ‘Budweiser’ beers.  (Daily Mail)

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