MASS STABBING IN CHICAGO: Hey, Obama… Should We Now BAN Knives?

Written by Thomas Holmes on February 6, 2016

How could such tragedy happen in Illinois!? I mean it’s the state with- to coin the President’s words- the most reasonable safety laws! One wouldn’t think that the terrible stabbing of six in Chicago suburb, Gage Park, IL would be threatened.

The Chicago Tribune reported on February 4th that the victims, including one child, were only found after a coworker called 911 when one of them had failed to report to work the previous Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Tribune, some confusion and mystery are currently making police investigation difficult. [“Family Relative] Noemi Martinez’s description of the family — one matched by neighbors — does not match the description of victims given by police,” the Tribune reported.

Very little is known about what happened, although it was reported that the family’s oldest son was acting unusual when he left school on Monday. “He was just quiet, with his head down and not listening to what I was saying,” classmate Jesus Andrade told the Tribune.

As tragic as this it, it continues to beg the obvious question, what might have happened if just one of them had been armed either from an intruder or someone else? Of course, Illinois seems to be in a horse race with Washington DC to see which one can strip citizens of all self defense while validating criminals the fastest.

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