Ted Cruz BLASTS Marco Rubio And As A Former Floridian … I LOVE It

Ted Cruz just slammed Marco Rubio in the BEST way possible. You will love this new ad.

Ted Cruz is picking up where Chris Christie left off and casting Marco Rubio as vapid, and in this case a liar, as well.

Cruz dropped a new ad today titled ‘Conservatives Anonymous’ that accused Rubio of duping the Tea Party voters who carried him into office in 2010. And it cautions Rubio supporters that he’s ‘just a pretty face.’

The Cruz campaign says the 30-second ad is the first in a series on the subject of conservatism and it will hit the airwaves ‘soon.’

The spot begins with a group leader asking, ‘Has anyone else here struggled with being lied to?’

One man pipes up to day, ‘Well, I voted for a guy who was a Tea Party hero on the campaign trail and then he went to DC and played patty cake with Chuck Schumer and cut a deal on amnesty.’

‘Does that make you angry?’ the meeting leader asks. ‘Angry? It makes me feel dumb for trusting him,’ the man replies.

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