THE GOP MOSH PIT: Trump Looks Unbeatable As He Maintains 17-point National Lead Over Cruz

Published on February 23, 2016

It looks like Donald Trump is plowing into the Republican primaries at full steam ahead. Do the other candidates even stand another chance against him?

Donald Trump’s momentum shows no signs of slowing in a new national survey, released on the morning of the Nevada caucuses.

Trump is in first with 36 percent and leads Ted Cruz by 17 points, according to NBC News/Survey Monkey. And Marco Rubio is three more behind despite a stronger than expected finish in South Carolina last Saturday that saw him surge ahead of Ted Cruz.

In Ohio, the home state of dark horse candidate John Kasich, Trump is also in first and would beat the governor in his own backyard by five, 31-26, a Quinnipiac poll shows.

Trump has the momentum as Republicans prepare to face-off in Nevada’s caucuses tonight and in 11 states and one U.S. territory a week from today, on Super Tuesday.

The so-called ‘SEC primary,’ Cruz saw the southern states voting that day as his escape route from second.

But claims from his competitors that he’s a liar who engages in ‘dirty tricks’ have hurt the Texas senator and last weekend in South Carolina, a state central to his strategy, he came in third, just behind Rubio and double digits behind front-runner Trump.

He’s expected to win his home state of Texas next Tuesday, however, and a significant portion of its 155 delegates.

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