Donald Trump put the big money super PACs on full blast at last night’s debate — and it was awesome.

The audience at Saturday night’s Republican presidential primary debate in New Hampshire booed Donald Trump – loudly and repeatedly – after he visibly shushed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during an argument.

Trump brought louder catcalls on himself by claiming the boo-birds were GOP establishment donors who don’t like how he has shunned them and used his own billions to run a maverick campaign.

The Republican National Committee, Trump alleged, ‘told us we have all donors in the audience. And the reason they’re not loving me is I don’t want their money.’ told him after the debate that only 75 of the auditorium’s 1,000 tickets went to RNC donors, far fewer than the 200 allocated to St. Anselm College, which hosted the event.

He shot back that Bush’s wealthy funders had bought up nearly all of the students’ tickets.

‘The donors went and bought all the tickets from the kids,’ Trump told exclusively in the ‘spin’ room near the debate site in Manchester, New Hampshire.

‘The donors are very rich people, you understand? There’s about two kids in there – because the donors are sitting there!’

Donald Trump Jr., one of the candidates’ grown sons, added that he had seen ‘a lot of Louis Vuitton bags out there’ in the audience.

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