Wicked Video Shows Russia Raining HELL-FIRE Down On Syria

Russia isn’t going to stand by while ISIS takes control of Syria. Check out the firework show that just went down.

A shocking video shows an entire district destroyed by Russian cluster bombs in Aleppo as air strikes hit five hospitals and two schools.

The death toll after the attacks in Syria today has risen to 50 with many more expected to be wounded.

It is believed that among those dead are children and the bombings have been condemned by U.N. chiefs.

U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haqsaid said the attacks were ‘blatant violations of international laws’ that ‘are further degrading an already devastated health care system and preventing access to education in Syria.’

In the clip, which appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone, a fighter jet is seen flying above the city before the camera turns to Aleppo’s skyline which is swiftly illuminated in the distance by a great flash. (Daily Mail)

Here’s another strike from Russia; a terrifying video records the moment a Russian helicopter drops deadly barrel bombs just yards away in a Syrian city:

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