BREAKING: Two Suspects Shot by Brussels Police During Massive Anti-Terror Raid…Look What He Was Holding

The terrorist attacks in Brussels continue, but this time with a different outcome that the terrorists didn’t like. After holding a woman hostage, two suspects were shot as one was holding a bomb.

A woman was taken hostage by a suspected terrorist at a tram stop in Brussels today, witnesses say.

Police shot the suspect as part of a fresh swoop to thwart an ‘imminent attack’ on France.

A second suspect was also shot in the raid, which began in a flat nearby in the Schaerbeek area of north Brussels.

Dramatic footage shows police coaxing a child away from the injured suspect who was shot in the leg at the tram stop amid reports he was carrying explosives.

Belgian prosecutors confirmed the man was linked to a planned attack in France, foiled by the French authorities last night Thursday.

Eyewitness videos show the incident unfolding at the tram stop where the ‘neutralised’ suspect dropped the bag, which was then investigated by a bomb robot.

A group of women visiting a hair salon opposite the tram stop described the moment they saw police swoop on the man standing with his bag.

Speaking to MailOnline, they said the man had been standing at the tram stop with a woman who was apparently with a young girl.

As police arrived, the man is said to have pulled the woman to the floor with him – apparently holding her hostage. However, the armed officers were able to pull her to safety quickly, dragging the man to the side, the shaken women recounted.

Three people have been detained in the fresh wave of raids with authories naming them as Tawfik A., Salah A., and the third, unnamed man taken in the Schaerbeek operation.

Two of the three – Tawfik A and the man detained in Schaerbeek – were wounded in the leg, the statement said.

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