BRUSSELS SURVIVOR: ‘There was fire around my face and feet… I was covered in blood’

The teenager who survived the terrorist attack in Brussels is finally speaking out and has been reunited with his parents. Shockingly, this wasn’t his first encounter with a terrorist attack.

The Mormon missionary who survived the Brussels attacks today talked of how his body was engulfed by flames when he was caught in the blast-zone of the first bomb.

Mason Wells, 19, today talked about the ordeal from a hospital bed, with bandages all over his face after suffering second and third degree burns in the airport terrorist attack.

In the shocking interview, he said: ‘I was covered in a fair amount of blood, not necessarily my own. I remember seeing fire in front of my face and fire around my feet on the ground.’

The Mormon missionary said he considered himself ‘lucky’ to have escaped with his life, and described a ‘calm and peace’ he felt afterwards, which he believes was ‘the presence of God’.

Footage also captured the emotional moment that Mr Wells was finally reunited with his worried parents in the hospital, after the attack.

Following the bombings, is parents Kymberly and Chad Wells flew out to Belgium from Sandy, Utah to see their son and they broke down in tears as they saw his face covered in bandages.

Amazingly, this was Mason’s third brush with death. The teen was just a block away from the finish line during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings (which his mother ran in) and he was in France during the November terror attacks.

When asked how he feels after surviving the Belgian bombings, Mason said his main emotion is love for the other victims.

‘I was so lucky, I was so lucky, being how close I was. And I saw a lot of people that were injured worse. I heard a lot of people that were injured badly.

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