BUILD THE WALL: This European Nation Plans To Build A 200 Mile WALL To Keep MUSLIMS Out

Published on March 7, 2016

This European nation isn’t going to let what happened to Germany happen to them, so they’re taking some dramatic measures to keep Muslim refugees out. Do you think this is going to work?

Dramatic plans to build a 200 mile long fence protected by guards armed with tasers were tonight revealed before a key summit in Brussels to stop the flow of migrants through the continent.

EU leaders will tomorrow pledge to close down the route from Greece through the Balkans where more than 985,000 have travelled since the start of last year.

Ahead of the meeting, Macedonia has requested that neighbouring countries help it seal the thoroughfare by extending the existing 19-mile razor-wire fence on its southern border with Greece and providing extra guards and riot gear.

The former Yugoslav republic, which is not a member of the EU, has sent a list of demands including bullet-proof vests, truncheons, handcuffs, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and grenades filled with rubber balls.

Officials in Skopje have also asked for 35 tasers and a sound cannon that would be fitted to an armoured vehicle and used to break up crowds by emitting a pain-inducing noise.

Around 14,000 people are currently stuck on the Greek side of the border at Idomeni after Macedonian authorities started limiting the number of people they would let through to just a few hundred a day.

There have been violent clashes at the crossing in the past week with a crowd of chanting migrants trying to force their way through the border fence using a metal sign post as a battering ram.

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