Confronting the Militant/Jihadist Muslims and Their Supporters Who Would Kill or Enslave Us

Published on March 7, 2016

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I watched the Republican Presidential candidates debate, and formulated an article in my mind that I was going to call the RINO National Circus. I already had an outline of what I was going to write about, and the points that I wanted to make. I prayed that the article would be according to his will. I believe that he answered my prayer and told me “NO”, don’t write that article because HE had it handled.

I had the feeling that HE wanted me to instead write an article about war. This seems strange to me that the Lord would want an article about war. So now I am fervently praying that what I write about war is according to HIS will.

Americans, American Christians, our politicians, our country, no longer understand the functions of war, nor do they possess the fortitude and faith required to fight a war of/for survival. As we have moved further and further away from being a “Christian Nation” HE wants us to come back to HIM. To this end HE is shaking us, our government our monetary system and our way of life.

HE has released the Islamic horde, not as a punishment to us but as a call to return to our roots. Wars are not won by doing minimal collateral damage. When GOD was tasking Moses to bring his chosen people out of Egypt did HE only kill the 1st born son of Pharaoh, or did he kill all 1st born sons that were not protected by blood and thus were passed over? Did the Plagues only task Pharaoh and his household, or did they task all of Egypt ? HE also tasked/punished all the supporters of Pharaoh. HE caused massive or maximum collateral damage. You can’t just defeat the man, you have to defeat the people (supporters) also.

So, too, will it be with Militant/Jihadist Muslims, and their supporters (the supporters of Islam). Until we are ready to War against them (they already war against us) we will continue to be cannon fodder for them. In the old days (biblical times) a defeated enemy might expect to be turned into slaves, and to have their lands salted so that they couldn’t support the enemy again any time soon . Their wives and daughters were turned into breeders (slaves) to breed more enemy. If it was a particularly hated enemy they practiced genocide and killed the enemy until there was no more of them.

So militant Islam, and the followers of Islam are waging war to enslave us, (force us into Islam and thus turn ourselves into the enemy) kill us or pay for the privilege to remain alive. The Golden Rule says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I say do unto them as they have attempted to do unto us. Christ taught us to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies, he did not command that we let them butcher us. If you want to defeat Islam and its followers you must be prepared to do massive collateral damage and to either give them the genocide they deserve or to so deplete their numbers that they are no longer a threat, and are afraid to ever become a threat again.

I will not attempt to say that GOD called upon me to advocate all out war, but I pray that this is the history lesson that he wants us all to consider, and to make up our own minds. In Christ’s name I pray that GOD’s will be done and that each of us look into our hearts and faith and look for meaning in HIS words (Bible). I pray that if I’m wrong, it is HIS will that I be wrong.


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….

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