DEAR HILLARY: You Just Got An EMBARRASSING Endorsement… Should We Tell CNN?

Published on March 14, 2016

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Is CNN going to jump on Hillary, like they did Trump, for this endorsement? This seems more fitting for her.

Will Quigg, a grand dragon of the Klan’s California chapter and responsible for recruitment in the western United States, is less keen to give Mr Trump the dubious benefit of his support.

“We want Hillary Clinton to win,” Mr Quigg told The Telegraph. “She is telling everybody one thing, but she has a hidden agenda. She’s telling everybody what they want to hear so she can get elected, because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife, she’s close to the Bushes. [But] once she’s in the presidency, she’s going to come out and her true colours are going to show.

“Border policies are going to be put in place. Our second amendment rights [favouring gun ownership] that she’s saying she’s against now, she’s not against. She’s just our choice for the presidency.”

Mr Quigg’s declaration of allegiance to Mrs Clinton sounds unconvincing – and contradicts earlier statements.

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