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Defeating Hillary Will Require an ALL-OUT Effort by Those Who Want to Save America

Hillary Clinton is running for a third Democrat Presidential term – in effect an extension of 8-years of the failed Obama Administration.  And it is reported that over $1 billion will be spent in support of Hillary’s candidacy in 2016.  When one couples that amount of money with the power of Democrat Presidential incumbency, defeating the GOP candidate will be an enormous effort. 

Despite Obama’s demonstrated incompetence, I think his successor, Hillary Clinton,  will be a formidable contender.  She is a hard working campaigner and has a significant following amongst minorities, the nonworking, the poor, educators, government workers, Catholics and Jews.  If Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party members hope to defeat Hillary, they must unify their effort amongst Republicans, Independents, Reagan Dems, and undecided voters. 

Never has a Presidential candidate had so much negative baggage as Hillary.  However, Republicans must be willing to exploit this vulnerability if they hope to win.  Talking to each other will not win the Presidency.  We must speak out aggressively, consistently, relentlessly – particularly to those who currently are on the fence.  That means passing on commentaries, videos, and other promotional materials to friends, family and fence-sitters.

I urge you to make up a list of those who could be and should be courted on behalf of Republican/Conservative/Traditional-American-Values candidates.  Returning the USA to the proven American-Way* must become the obsession of every patriotic citizen. 

We must remove the Dems and their de facto Marxist/Socialist/Liberal-Leftist Progressives from the White House. Accordingly, I urge you to get involved and stay involved.  Do your part.  Don’t back down. The Liberal-Leftist media won’t.     

*The American-Way ― *The American Prosperity Machine: Traditional Judeo/Christian principles and values . . . the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, private property, and limited government . . . freedom of speech, opinion, action, religion and family governance . . .  an educated, informed and critical-thinking society . . . freedom from gender and racial discrimination . . . affordable healthcare . . . the rule of Constitutional Law . . . the peaceful settlement of disputes . . . honest elections and effective presidential administration . . . patriotic, truthful, checks & balances, limited government  . . .  a strong military . . . cost-effective national defense . . . secure borders . . . the right of citizens to own and bear arms . . . free, competitive markets and institutions . . . properly regulated, free-enterprise . . . balanced trade . . . private property rights . . . low cost, domestically supplied energy and natural resources . . . controlled, properly vetted immigration . . . individual responsibility and ingenuity . . . entrepreneurialism . . . a strong work ethic . . . full employment . . . fair pay . . . appropriate safety nets . . . low taxes . . . a strong, reliable currency . . . financial availability, mobility, and responsibility (balanced budget, minimal debt) . . . competitive, Free-Market, Free-Enterprise, constitutionally-limited government  . . . and American Exceptionalism. 

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William Pauwels

William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.

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