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FROM HOMECOMING QUEEN TO ISIS QUEEN: How Top U.S. Student Went From Good Kid To TERRORIST Sympathizer

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The story of this teen aged girl from Mississippi turned ISIS sympathizer is making jaws drop across America. How is it that she became so radicalized by the ‘religion of peace’?

The daughter of a school administrator and a police officer who served in the Navy reserve, Jaelyn Young’s childhood in Mississippi mirrored that of millions of girls across America.

In high school she eagerly participated in school traditions, becoming a cheerleader and a homecoming maid while also studying hard, graduating as an honors student.

But while studying chemistry at Mississippi State University that all changed as she converted to Islam and had her mind warped by online propaganda videos from the likes of ISIS.

Yesterday Young pleaded guilty to attempting to join ISIS in Syria along with her fiance Muhammad Dakhlalla, after unwittingly telling undercover agents they were planning to use their honeymoon as cover to travel to the Middle East and become medics for the terror group.

According to prosecutors, Young’s transformation from model high school student to wannabe terrorist began in March 2015, when she announced her conversion to Islam.

Like many followers of the religion she began wearing a burqa, a modesty covering worn by some Muslim women in keeping with a strict interpretation of the Koran.

More troubling, however, was her rejection of family and friends, believing that associating with non-Muslims would be a ‘bad influence’, court documents show.

As her views grew more extreme, prosecutors say Young began to complain about the treatment of Muslims in western nations, particularly the US and UK.

Little did her loved ones know that, behind the outward trappings of her new-found piety, Young’s thinking was being influenced by terrorist propaganda videos, aimed at poisoning the minds of impressionable youths.

Prosecutors say that Young began to view the fighters as liberators, even going so far as to condone a video showing ISIS troops throwing a gay man off the roof of a building to his death.

According to The Vicksburg Post, Young had spoken for years about plans to be a doctor. In her online chats with undercover FBI agents she allegedly expressed plans to treat ISIS fighters’ injuries.

‘I just want to be there,’ she allegedly told the FBI agent.

In later conversations peppered with Arabic phrases, she said she planned a ‘nikkah,’ or Islamic marriage to Dakhlalla so they could travel without a chaperone under Islamic law.

In June, the first FBI agent passed Young off to a second FBI agent posing as an Islamic State facilitator.

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