Fugitive Takes The WRONG Family Hostage… You Will LOVE This One

This murder suspect escaped from jail but didn’t get very far. When he decided to take a family hostage, he quickly realized that he had messed with the wrong people.

A capital murder suspect who escaped from a Mississippi jail last week has been shot dead by one of the people he had taken hostage, reports claim.

Rafael McCloud, 33, escaped from the Warren County jail in Vicksburg last Wednesday after attacking a jail guard with a shank and donning his uniform.

A week later, at 4.30am on Thursday, he broke into a family’s home and took a man, woman and child hostage.

But at around 7am, the man managed to find a gun and shoot McCloud dead in their bathtub, police told the Vicksburg Post.

The husband, who has not been identified, was taken to Merit Health River Region Medical Center with non-life-threatening stab wounds as police removed the body from the home in the Fort Hill neighborhood.

His wife was hit in the head but was not injured and did not need treatment,’ police said.

‘This is certainly not how we wanted this to end,’ Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said, according to the Post.

‘Our goal was to take him back into custody and have him stand before a jury in Warren County. But he brought this upon himself.

‘We are incredibly relieved this family was not seriously injured and they were able to protect themselves this morning,’ Pace said.

McCloud broke in when the husband left the door open as he went to start his wife’s car.

According to the Post, the couple fought McCloud but he eventually overpowered them and tied them up.

Almost three hours later, the husband managed to break free from the rope, find a gun, and shoot McCloud who was in the bathroom. His body was found in the bathtub.

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