Here’s Our LIMP Wrist Commander In Chief Hamming It Up With Castro

Published on March 21, 2016


Barack Obama and Raul Castro go together like two peas in a pod, don’t they? Here he is hamming it up with him all while embarrassing the US at the same time.

While there, the furious Communist leader lectured our president on AMERICA’S human rights failures on health and education – and denied that Cuba has political prisoners.

President Barack Obama intended to showcase the progress Cuba has made since the countries renewed their relationship 18 months ago with his visit this week to the island nation.

Instead, he found himself on the receiving side of a lecture from Cuban dictator Raul Castro on human rights.

Castro argued that the United States has been hypocritical in its approach to Cuba, as it does not guarantee healthcare and higher education for all of its citizens nor does not provide women with ‘equal pay’ as his country does and pensions.

And he refused to admit that his regime had imprisoned anyone for speaking out against the government, growing furious as he was questioned by a reporter from CNN about his administration’s record of abuses against its own people.

Obama said he and Castro had a ‘frank’ discussion about those issues, and he reiterated America’s belief that freedom of speech, assembly and religion are ‘universal’ human rights.

But he also took ownership of areas where America is ‘falling short’ – saying he does not ‘disagree’ – and thanked Castro for his observations ‘because I think that we should not be immune or afraid of criticism or discussion, as well.’

Both leaders again called for an end to the United States’ trade and travel embargo on Cuba, a legal blockade that only Congress can remove and says it will not.

Castro said this afternoon that it must be removed for relations to be fully normalized. He also demanded that the United States give back the land that house the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and prison.

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