Is John Kerry CLUELESS About the What’s Happening In the World Right Now?

Written by Larry Usoff on March 21, 2016

Lurch has once again proven to the world that he is a complete, incompetent void, surrounded by a sphincter.  You can figure that one out easily enough.  Now, you may be asking what he has done now to warrant this name-calling?   In the past he has made statements regarding the Iran Nuclear deal that showed he knew nothing about dealing from a position of strength. Remember now, this is a man who was a bad soldier, he lied about his service and wounds, he lied about throwing away his medals.   As a Senator he was less than ambitious, as if he was waiting his “turn” to be Secretary of State and when the chance came he jumped on it before it could get away.   As Secretary of State he is about as efficient as any government official, which is to say he isn’t efficient at all. 

Now comes what is probably the stupidest couple of things that Lurch could possibly have said.   In a statement to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Department of State and Foreign Assistance on February 24th he said that he is having an “additional evaluation” done to help him determine whether the systematic murder of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East—at the hands of the Islamic State and others—should be declared “genocide.”   “I will make a decision on it as soon as I have that additional evaluation and we will proceed forward from there,” Kerry said.

But, Kerry said, he has asked for “further evalution” to be done before he makes a final decision. Great green gobs of gooey goat manure!   Is he incapable of hearing the news, reading news reports or understanding what is happening?   Hey Lurch, how is it that around the world everyone but you knows what’s happening?   Get out of the bubble that you and your ilk seem to be living in, completely insulated from the real world.  You are a disgrace and should be drummed out of your job. [Since this column was written, John Kerry and the State Department have officially declared ISIS guilty of genocide.]

If that wasn’t stupid enough, how about this then?   Lurch has a familial connection to Iran.   Would that be enough to want to give them everything, which he did?   The Iranians got their money released, and released the American sailors.  Iran got to keep most, if not all, of their centrifuges, which is sort of the heart of bomb-making.  In addition to that, they get 26 days notice before any inspections take place, and if that wasn’t aggravating enough, they also get to “police” their own facilities.   Would that familial connection to Iran be strong enough to “force” the Iranians to give up the two American Navy boats that they “captured”?   Did they really “capture” them, or were the two boats set up to BE captured?

Moving overseas, let’s talk about Angela Merkel of Germany.  This woman has all but formally surrendered Germany to the Muslim horde.   Pockets of resistance have begun to spring up and so-called “Islamaphobia” is alive and well…but struggling.   All over Europe, which will soon be Eurabia if things don’t change soon, the people are beginning to resist the barbarians.   Meanwhile, our Muslim-in-chief is importing some of those same savages into our country and disbursing them all over.   These so-called “refugees” are being placed in cities all over the country, many times without any notice to the administration of that city, county or state.   If you are not aware, this is not the first invasion by Islam into Europe, but it might be the most successful.   For the past 1400 years Islam has had one goal and that is to dominate the world.   If it cannot be done by the sword, or in modern times with automatic weapons, they’ll accomplish it with stealth jihad.

Not to be outdone, the leaders of several European countries and Canada now, have made it easier for the so-called “refugees” to get into their countries.   In the European Union, which appears to be a failed conglomeration, crisscrossing from one country to another is easily accomplished.   Borders have all but been eliminated and Islam’s dream of conquering Europe because of something like that, is bearing fruit.  In the United States we are only a few years behind them but catching up rapidly in the foolishness that the government is pursuing.   Perhaps, if a strong man is elected as the next President, this horde of barbarians coming into this country can be stemmed and eventually eliminated.

Fools will always be with us, the same as poor people.   What we do with, or about them, determines what sort of country we remain.   Alfred North Whitehead said, “Almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced.”…so we must listen, even to fools, and then act upon what they have proposed.   Some fools, like those already mentioned, are easily identified by their outlandish behavior and mouthings.  Others are more difficult to discern because they cover that foolishness with bits and pieces of random intelligence.

Wake up America!   Your country needs you…desperately!
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired
(aka The Old Alarmist)
Duty.  Honor.  Country.

Image: Secretary Kerry Listens as UNESCO Director-General Delivers Remarks via photopin (license)

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