‘IS THAT OPRAH?!’: Big Mama STOPS Traffic In Houston For 2hrs DANCING On 18 Wheeler

What would you do if you were on the highway and saw a large black naked woman dancing on top of an 18-wheel truck? This is quite the entertainment for rush hour traffic.

A woman brought traffic to a standstill on a Houston highway by dancing on the roof of a big rig, naked.

The unidentified driver climbed on top of the vehicle after crashing into another car on Highway 290.

Police were called to the scene after witnesses said a pedestrian had been hit by a car.

When they arrived they saw the woman undress before clambering onto the truck.

She was taken into custody after rescue crews managed to handcuff her and bring her down.

Aerial footage showed the woman sitting, dancing and standing at various times on top of the big rig’s cab.

Firefighters moved a truck with an aerial tower next to the big rig try to talk to the woman.

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