Muslim Woman Sees ‘Jesus Saves’ Sign…What Happens Next Is UNREAL

Written by Wes Walker on March 24, 2016

It doesn’t take much for some people to get their knickers in a wad.

In California (what a surprise) a Christian outreach group was making its way through a community, with pretty typical signs like “Jesus saves”. You’ve probably seen it before.

Well, little miss safe space, a bus driver, was offended at the display. A young muslim assumed it was specifically targeting her. (Perhaps the world revolves around her.) She got uppity, and took some footage. Of herself. Complaining.

Before long, she has several thousand other uppity types (also muslim) outraged because, well, they were told they should be.

She’s complaining she’s targeted by a hate crime. Specifically her. Targeted. “Just because I pray to the same god a different way, you feel the need to protest me? 50 or 60 people protesting with signs that say ‘God saves’ or ‘Jesus saves’”.  Defiantly she adds, “you’re still going to see my beautiful face and my hijabs.”

While certain atheists may have a history of suppressing public expressions of faith, such expressions are still very much a real, vital and legitimate part of the American culture.

In the same way that Islamic calls to worship (as annoying and obnoxious as I found them to be) when I was overseas were perfectly reasonable, and did not infringe on my personal rights, Christians encouraging people to embrace a message of hope and life is likewise entirely justifiable.

A mouth speaks, and words are shared. There is no imposition. No intimidation. No shouting.

And of course, authorities are now investigating whether there was a hate crime.

Is it about time we start calling out people who throw around terms like “hate crime” as the fascists they are? Don’t like what we are saying? That’s ok. But you have no inherent right to silence me. Nor I you.

That’s what makes America different than, say Saudi Arabia.

Want to live somewhere that you won’t hear Jesus’ name mentioned publicly? Try moving to Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Or some other backwater nation where people who share your fascist views arrest people for saying His name.

Otherwise? This is America. Learn to like it.

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