Tennis School Bans Girls With Big BOOBS Because Bouncing Hooters OFFEND Muslims

Published on March 20, 2016

Islam continues to make things suck everywhere it goes. Would you be OK with this happening here in America?

One of the schools hit by the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamisation plot, where female pupils were reportedly barred from playing tennis with male teachers, has been named an official ‘UK School of Tennis’.

Park View in Alum Rock, Birmingham was at the centre of the Islamisation scandal. During a misconduct hearing, it was alleged that girls there had been banned from tennis because male teachers “did not want girls to be seen with their bits jumping up and down”.

Monzoor Hussain, the former principal, allegedly made the remarks to school press officer, Susan Packer, after she complained about girls being pulled out of tennis coaching sessions led by men.

Ms. Packer told a National College for Teaching & Leadership hearing that the comment “shocked me and made me feel very uncomfortable as I did not think it was appropriate for a principal to say that.”

She said that when she complained to former Park View executive head teacher, Lindsey Clark, about the alleged ban, she was told “the governors did not want mixed sports lessons”.

Park View was later renamed Rockwood Academy, and a new leadership team was installed.

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