The Stupidity of the GOP ‘Establishment’ for Waging an All-Out War on Trump

Written by Sylvia Andrews on March 16, 2016

For as long as I can remember, this country has always been considered a republic and the people determined who was to be their leader.   In this current election year we see the strong-arm and ridiculous tactics emerging from the GOP “establishment”.   Their behavior and actions will definitely kill the Republican party.  

We the people have endured over seven years of the anti-American, Socialist, pro-Muslim, anti-Judeo-Christian, secretive, corrupt, administration of Barack Hussein Obama.   In the interim we have elected a Republican majority Congress, who we thought would right the wrongs of the Obama regime.   However, this Congress we looked to for help, caved in and catered to everything the President and his cohorts wanted.   Therefore, the anger and frustration of the American people has grown to such a degree that we want some BIG changes.  

Along comes Donald Trump, who is considered an outsider and not a member of the Washington DC elite, and he declares he’s running for President of the United States.   Mr. Trump is a billionaire and not beholden to any person or group.   He is a very successful businessman who says exactly what he means, and is definitely a breath of fresh air.   As happy as many of us were to see the emergence of Donald Trump, that’s how upset the Washington GOP establishment has become.  

They have demeaned, blasted, lied, and shown a degree of vicious nastiness not seen before.   They now have sent out Mitt Romney to attack Donald Trump in a very malicious way.   They have some wealthy donors who are spending millions of dollars to finance super PACs with the sole purpose of taking down Donald Trump.   All this to retain their power and feed their greed and personal political ambitions.  

There are some who are so threatened by a Trump presidency, that they have vowed to vote for Hillary Clinton.   How sick is that?   For many years the “establishment” members have gotten rich by making all sorts of illicit backroom deals with the Democrats.   However, if Trump becomes the man in charge the gravy train is gone.   This bunch is so greedy and corrupt that they do not belong in important political positions.  

Mitt Romney ran a weak and failed campaign for the Presidency in 2012.   He also acted like he was afraid of Barack Obama most of the time.   So, who is he to speak about others who are now running?   Mr. Romney, be quiet and go home.

Who are these miserable establishment politicians who have done nothing for the American people to decide who is the party’s nominee?   It is not their decision.   It is ours…remember us…we the people.   How dare the political hacks try to manipulate the election process!   It is time that they are removed from public office because they do not serve us, as they were elected to do.   They only serve their personal political desires.  

Recently, some tech CEO’s, billionaires, and members of the Republican establishment flew into a private resort island off the coast of Georgia for the American Enterprise Institute’s annual world forum, which happens to be closed to the media.   Why this secretive meeting with fifty-four private jets arriving at the island?   The sole purpose…to defeat Donald Trump.   They are so desperate and so afraid of losing their power to Trump that they will resort to all sorts of chicanery and illegal acts, and are spending in excess of twenty million dollars to do it.  

By the actions of “the old guard” they will cause the death of the Republican party and make sure that Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States…if they are allowed to succeed.   This is the time to vote for the outsider and get the DC elite out of the picture.   The country needs this for survival as a republic.   Do not go along with the stupidity of the GOP establishment.

Image: Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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Sylvia Andrews
Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at