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TRUMP: ‘I Don’t Think America Is A Safe Place’

Donald Trump just made a bold statement about the security of Americans on the homeland. Do you think he’s right?

Republican presidential candidateDonald Trump says he doesn’t believe American citizens are safe in their own country.

The frontrunner for the GOP’s nomination expressed his concerns after he was asked whether Americans should feel safe traveling to Europe following last week’s terror attacks in Brussels. Bombings at the capital’s airport and a metro station killed 28 people, including at least two Americans.

“I don’t think America is a safe place for Americans, you want to know the truth,” Trump said, later adding, “We’re allowing thousands of people to come in here. Nobody knows where they’re from. Nobody knows who they are and they’re coming in here by the thousands and let me tell you something, we’re going to have problems.”

While it was unclear which groups Trump was referring to, he proposed banning all Muslimsfrom entering the U.S. following the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris and wants to build a safe zone forSyrian refugees instead of allowing them to enter the U.S.

Trump has also asserted that President Obama wants to allow 250,000 Syrian refugees to come to the country, but the administration has only agreed to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year.

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