WATCH: Al Sharpton Calls for the KILLING of Cops (No Word from Al, Obama or CNN)

Recently uncovered video of Al Sharpton advocating to "off the…

Recently uncovered video of Al Sharpton advocating to "off the pigs"His call for the killing of cops occurred 24 years ago. Does anyone know if he's disavowed his own statement yet? I don't want to hear another Lib condemning Trump for not disavowing the KKK – which he's done ad nauseam – until they disavow Sharton as a domestic terrorist and race baiter.

Posted by The New Revolution on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Do you remember when Al Sharpton called for cop killings? Probably not because you’ll never hear this coming from anywhere else.

After seeing this, who do you think is REALLY to blame for inciting political violence?

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