BOOM: What CHINA Did To These Captured Terrorists Is What America SHOULD Be Doing

This is how China deals with terrorists — and an example for how America also should. Instead of being ‘sensitive’ to terrorists, we should be letting them experience the full weight of justice.

China executed 13 people Monday who were indicted on terrorism charges related to attacks on public places in Xinjiang province in recent months, according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

They were among dozens arrested and publicly tried after a government crackdown on terrorism in the region.

Twenty-nine people were killed and 130 injured when men armed with long knives stormed a train station in Kunming in March. The next month, an attack on a train station in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital, left three dead, including the attackers, and an attack on an Urumqi market in May killed at least 39.

Those executed are believed to be close to or part of China’s Uyghur minority, a mainly Turkic-speaking Muslim population.

The Higher People’s Court of Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region, found them guilty of organizing, leading and participating in terrorist groups; murder; arson; theft; and the illegal manufacture, storage and transportation of explosives, according to Xinhua.

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Watch as thousands of people in Brussels united to protest terrorism and hatred:

More than 7,000 people marched through Brussels in a peaceful protest ‘against terror and hatred’ almost a month after coordinated suicide attacks in the Belgian capital killed 32 and wounded hundreds more.

The march, organised by civil society groups, was aimed at displaying a show of unity after the bloodshed.

The 6,000 people who set off from the Gare du Nord railway station were joined in the city centre by 1,000 others who started in Molenbeek, a rundown district that has gained an unwelcome reputation as a jihadi haven.

Many of the thousands to march through the streets were clutching Belgian flags, flowers and emblems and banners of peace.

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