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DANG: Grandma Threatens To Knife Grandson When He Drops The F-Bomb On Her

This is definitely NOT a grandma that anyone should be messing with. A video surfaced online that shows this woman threatening to ‘cut’ her son with a knife during a car ride when he dropped the f-bomb on her. As the kids laugh while she tells them to “shut the f*ck up,” she reaches down and pulls something out of her bag.

The video then shows her pulling the knife out of her handbag as the person who is filming can be heard yelling, ‘Grandma be careful.’

‘Shut the f*** up, shut the f*** up,’ the grandma yells while lunging with the knife toward her grandson in the back seat.

She then can be heard unbuckling her seat belt, as the driver motions his right hand for her to calm down.

‘Shut the f*** up now, shut the f*** up, I’ll stick it up all the way up your goddamn a**. Shut the f*** up,’ the upset woman yells at the boy while motioning the knife towards him.

The unsettling video shows him cowering into the corner of the car, trying to get as far away from the knife as he can.

Read more: Daily Mail

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