DEAR AMERICA: Do You Like This New Mosque Near D.C.?

Written by Doug Giles on April 3, 2016


Are you cool with having an Islamic center of this size and of this structure so close to Washington, D.C.? This Mosque had it’s grand opening today.

At the opening of the Turkish government-funded Diyanet Muslim center in Maryland, President Recep Erdogan lashed out at US presidential candidates for encouraging xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric against “primary elements” of American society.

Speaking to a mainly Muslim crowd at the inauguration of the Turkish-funded Diyanet Center of America, in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC, Erdogan took the opportunity to criticize the American political elite and American society, saying that “there are still people walking around calling Muslims terrorists.”

He blamed the US presidential contenders for spreading anti-Muslim sentiment in the US. In their race to secure the Republican candidacy, Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country. His main party contender, Ted Cruz urged the police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods in the US.

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