QUESTION: Do You CARE What Rosie O’Donnell Has to Say About Donald Trump?


Rosie O’Donnell recently went after Donald Trump, singing about his ‘tiny hands,’ comb over,’ and ‘endorsements from the Klan’ during her Broadway appearance. Which begs the question: does anyone really care what she has to say about Trump? Or would you be ecstatic to see her leave the country if he gets elected President?

Rosie O’Donnell used an appearance on Broadway Thursday night to have some fun at the expense of Donald Trump.

O’Donnell, who has been at the receiving end of many of Trump’s vitriolic rants, took to the stage after a performance of the new musical Disaster! to sing a number about the Republican front-runner.

The audience seemed to love the performance, cheering and laughing throughout, and while Trump will no doubt be less than enthused he has yet to respond to O’Donnell’s parody song on social media.

Singing to the tune of There Are Worst Things I Could Do from the musical Grease, O’Donnell kicked things off by crooning; ‘There are worse things I could do, and I’ll now name one or two. These are things he’s said or done, just sit back, let’s have some fun.

She then continued; ‘I could build a giant wall, Mexico pays for it all. And repeal Obamacare, do that weird thing with my hair. It’s a comb over, it’s true, that’s a thing I’d never do.

‘Get endorsements from the Klan, brag about my tiny hands. Ban all Muslims coming in, and have bright-orange skin, that’s a shade I eschew.

O’Donnell then closed with a bit of vulgarity, singing; ‘Tell Ted Cruz I’ll spill the beans, we still don’t know what the f*** he means!

‘Have my words incite hate crimes, declare bankruptcy four times. Tell the Taj Mahal screw you, and everything I’ve said is true, but you know he’s gonna say; “I’LL SUE YOU!”‘

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