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These Are The REAL and SEVERE Consequences of Europe’s ‘Muslim Refugee’ Invasion

If this story had a soundtrack, it would be John Lennon’s “Imagine”. (Used ironically.)

As waves of humanity pour into Europe, there is a sharp divide on what to make of the situation. People from such diverse backgrounds as Technology Moguls (Zuckerberg), Religious leaders (the Pope), Heads of State (Europe, and North America) not to mention countless second and third tier pundits have together said we need a humanitarian solution to this problem.

They argue the West has a moral obligation to allow them to flood in, without regard to the actual ability of the receiving countries to support them, nor the ability of the newcomers to successfully integrate into the receiving countries.

Since the advocates of unrestrained immigration operate on the assumption that the jihadi cause is rooted in economic hardship, or past conflicts with Western nations, they naturally assume that welcoming host nations will reverse the harm (that they think we have done), rehabilitating the relationship between the parts of the world that are targeted by Islamic terrorism, and those parts of the world that cheer when attacks succeed.

Few people actually “put their money where their mouth is” but there are exceptions. One guy in particular. Not only did he participate in the “Refugees Welcome” campaign, but he even volunteered to personally house refugees. Full credit for putting his money where his mouth is, but he later came to truly regret this decision.

Those with grave concerns about unchecked immigration already have a  suspicion about how this story might end badly. Sadly, their instincts are good.

Mehdi Hush was a High School math teacher in Germany, 55 years old, and originally from Iran. He had originally helped by bringing supplies to the refugee centers, but wanted to help more directly. He opened up his own home to some of the men.

One in particular, a 58 year-old refugee from Afghanistan (Afghanistan??) came to live with Mehdi.

Friends became concerned when Mehdi didn’t show up for work one day. One coworker stopped by his house to check on him. He found blood, followed the trail to the basement, where he found Mehdi butchered — dead — in a pool of his own blood.

Not exactly the happy ending he was looking for. But honestly, this is an entirely predictable ending for people harbouring a hatred for Western culture, augmented by resentment of Western success, and given permission for violence by their virulent religious ideology.

There is no moral obligation for a person to live in their home with their doors unlocked at night. Likewise, there is no moral obligation for a nation to permit mass resettlement into their midst without contemplating what consequences — legal, financial, or social — might be associated with such resettlement, and without that nation counting whether those costs are acceptable and reasonable to assume.

I will close with an extended, direct quote from the article that first brought this story to my attention:

The first disturbing detail is that this refugee is from Afghanistan — not Syria. This coincides with reports that 4 out of 5 refugees are not from Syria or even a war-torn nation. As such, migrants from North Africa, Asia, and the rest of the Middle East have jumped on the refugee crisis simply to gain benefits in Europe.

Another shocking statistic is that a dangerously large number of Syrian refugees who claim they are fleeing the Islamic State are actually supporters. Around one-third of Syrian asylum seekers flocking to the West show some support for ISIS, while at least 13 percent openly admit they are fans of the terrorist group and agree with its Islamic views. That means that we are welcoming in refugees who believe that the spread of violent jihad belongs in the West, and they stand in solidarity with a Sharia government in our countries.

Nearly half of all refugees and migrants to the West are men. Although this is a step up from last year’s 72 percent, we are still only seeing 35 percent children and 20 percent women. The able-bodied men are abandoning their families to make their way to Europe, leading us to believe that they either aren’t in any real danger or we are accepting millions of barbaric Muslim males who hold fast to their misogynist views.

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Wes Walker

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