VIDEO: German Mom Outraged After Son Was BRUTALLY Beaten by Migrants While PLAYING

What would you do if your son was beaten to a pulp by a group of migrants while playing? This will make you sick to your stomach.

A German mother has taken to social media to express her outrage after claiming her young son was attacked by two teenage asylum seekers.

The unknown woman tells how her nine-year-old son Tyron was playing football with his friends and a group of ‘asylum seekers’, when he ended up in an argument over a foul on the pitch.

The woman explains that two boys, aged 14 and 17, got physical with Tyron on the football pitch and beat him up, showing her son’s injuries to the camera.

‘After a short time, fights broke out because of a “foul” and a 14-year-old punched my son in the face with his fist,’ the woman explains.

‘Tyron defended himself, so four more asylum seekers attacked Tyron. His friends managed to pull three away but the 14-year-old and a 17-year-old were still on on top to Tyron.

She goes on to explain that the two young attackers are brothers, who proceed to both physically abuse her son.

She claims the 17-year-old boy pushed her son to the ground and choked him, while the 14-year-old punched Tyron in the face.

Showing images of her son she explains his injuries: ‘His facer is all swollen up, completely blue, everything swelled, hematoma.’

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