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VIRAL VIDEO: Marine Goes OFF On Muslim Teens At Gas Station

It isn’t clear what started this altercation, but things got heated pretty quick. Do you think this Marine went off on them for good reason? Or do you think he was overreacting?

A white man claiming to be a former Marine has been caught on camera offensively yelling at a group of Arab American teenagers at a gas station in Michigan, telling them: ‘I’ve killed your motherf—–g kind, many times!’

The shocking outburst was recorded by one of the teens and is now quickly spreading on Facebook.

The incident reportedly happened on March 27 at a gas station in Coldwater.

According to the Arab American News, Ahmed Mohsen, the 15-year-old who recorded the incident, said that the man started screaming after the teens put their gas money on top of the two cases of beer he had placed on the counter.

"I've killed your kind in Fallujah."

A white man who claimed to be an ex-Marine told Muslim teenagers in Coldwater, Mich, "I've been in Fallujah; I've killed your motherf***ing kind."According to Ahmed Mohsen, one of the teenagers involved in the incident, the altercation started when he and his friend placed the money they were paying for gas on top of the man's beer case at the counter. They thought it wouldn't be a problem.The supposed ex-Marine continued to taunt the young Muslims as he drove away. "What kind of society do we live in, hopefully one day this kind of stuff won't exist," Mohsen wrote on Facebook.

Posted by The Arab American News on Monday, March 28, 2016

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