WATCH: Machete Wielding Europeans CATCH ‘Poor Refugees’… Is THIS Good, Bad or Ugly?

These are definitely NOT the type of Europeans that ‘poor refugees’ want to run in to. Do you think this turned out well? Or do you think this was ‘mean’ of them?

This is the disturbing moment machete-wielding vigilantes tied up three Afghan migrants in a ‘citizen’s arrest’ after they crossed the Turkish border into Bulgaria.

The migrants had their hands bound behind their backs with plastic handcuffs and were filmed lying face down on the ground in the mountainous Strandja area.

At one point their captors can be heard saying ‘no Bulgaria’ and ‘go back to Turkey immediately’ in scenes that have sparked condemnation from human rights group.

Footage shows the vigilantes dressed in military-style clothing and tying the frightened migrants up while another shot shows one of the men carrying what appears to be a machete.

Border police who arrived at the scene found the three men unhurt and with their hands free.

Such arrests have happened increasingly in recent weeks, targeting migrants arriving through the border with Turkey in a move denounced by the Bulgarian branch of the Helsinki Committee (BHC) rights group.

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