WATCH: Reporter Starts Reporting About ‘Poor Refugees’ Then A REAL Refugee Walks Up

This reporter just got a taste of the reality of the ‘refugee’ situation in Belgium. Watch what happens when she tried to do her job and this refugee steps in.

Shocking footage has emerged of a female reporter and a cameraman being harassed live on air by a young man in the troubled Molenbeek region of Belgium.

Journalist Giovanna Pancheri, working for Italian news company Sky TG24, was in the Belgian district to report on recent protests.

The video shows the camera being knocked out of focus and a young man wearing a grey hoodie and a black hat appearing in view.

He speaks to the reporter and the cameraman who try to continue with the broadcast.

The man refuses to leave and continues to stare at the camera.

Tensions in the Belgian capital have remained high in recent days with police out in force to ward off trouble after local authorities banned a planned anti-Islam rally and any counter-protests.

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