WATCH: The Final Moments Of 8Yr. Old Girl LURED From Her Mom And Murdered

This footage is hard to watch but can be a lesson for every parent. Watch as this little girl is lured away from her mom in her final moments before a tragic end.

Chilling video and phone recordings released by Florida State Attorney’s Office reveal the last moments of Cherish Perrywinkle, the eight-year-old girl who was kidnapped from a Walmart in 2013, then raped and murdered before her body was found in front of a church.

Cherish was in Walmart with her mother and sisters when they were approached by a man who offered to help them shop – a man who, it is believed, lured Cherish away before committing the barbaric acts.

And the recently released recordings give a fuller picture of how that happened.

Security camera footage shows what seems to be yet another night at the Walmart chain, as Rayne Perrywinkle and her three daughters – including Cherish – shop for clothing.

Rayne claims that a man she identifies as Donald Smith, then 56, approached her while she was struggling to afford clothing for her children and offered to help her out.

Smith was charged with Cherish’s murder in 2013. He has a court appearance next month.

The security camera footage does indeed show a gray-haired man who looks like Smith approach the family and strike up conversation with them.

At one point Rayne, who is talking to the man, walks away from him to return an item. He doesn’t even seem look around at her, but is seemingly fixated on Cherish.

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