BREAKING: 75 Target Stores Need To BRACE For Some Really BAD News

Written by Doug Giles on May 17, 2016

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The bathroom battle in Target keeps going, and now they’re getting slammed by some bad news from a new campaign. Is Target going to stick to their policy to allow men in women’s bathrooms? Or are they going to give in to common sense and protect women?

PAUL, Minnesota, May 16, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A new campaign to encourage shoppers to ditch Target over their new “transgender” bathroom literally took to the streets today in Minnesota.

A  #FlushTarget truck, bearing an image of a little girl being surprised by a man in the women’s bathroom, and the text “What about her rights to privacy and protection?” will be visting every single Target store in Target’s home state over the next few weeks.

There are also plans to bring the truck to other states, if the necessary funds can be raised. (NOTE:To donate to bring the #FlushTarget truck to additional states, click here.)

The #FlushTarget campaign is being organized by LifeSiteNews. It kicked off this morning with a press conference in the Minnesota state capitol. A website for the campaign,, was launched simultaneously. The website contains specifics on how people can send the message to the Twin Cities’ based retailer that the new policy puts its customers at risk.

“Everyone has the right to use the bathroom safely and in privacy without fear of being raped or assaulted,” said Claire Chretien, national spokeswoman for LifeSiteNews#FlushTarget campaign. “Unfortunately, Target, one of America’s largest retail chains, has decided to let any man access women’s bathrooms in their stores.”

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