Don’t Make Hillary MAD … It Could COST You Your Life

Written by Wes Walker on May 17, 2016

Q: What do Typhoid Mary and Hillary Clinton have in common?

A: People connected to them tend to die.

Most of the time stories about government cover-ups and Black helicopters are the domain of the tinfoil hat crowd. They are just stories that the rest of us laugh about. The way we laugh about Hillary wanting to get to the bottom of Roswell.

When there are one or two or even five stories where bad things happen to those who stand in the way of politically connected people, it can be explained away or dismissed.

But what is the cutoff point where we stop calling them coincidences? When bad things happen under mysterious circumstances to people who could threaten political aspirations?

How many such coincidences does it take?

In the case of Typhoid Mary, it was exactly this sort of coincidence that helped us understand and identify what it meant to be a carrier of a disease. People around her got sick (and some died). Eventually, people started asking if it was more than just coincidence. It was more, and that question led us to answers.

How many Clinton coincidences would it take to move us beyond Conspiracy-theory territory and into the plausible correlation of these suspicious deaths?

In Typhoid Mary’s case, she was the common denominator in 51 infected people. With a name that went on to be so infamous that it is mostly known by the disease she carried, how many deaths were attributed to her? Exactly three.

Fifty-one illnesses and three deaths were enough correlation for us to figure out that Mary Mallon (to give the woman her name back) was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid fever.

Why is that number important? It is important because there is now a list of 47 people – with Clinton connections- who turned up dead under questionable (and violent) circumstances, often labeled suicide.

These people have connections, for example, to the Gennifer Flowers case. One was investigating the failed raid in Waco, another was investigating Whitewater. Others included a Whitewater business partner, a woman who was going to take her harassment case public (See: Bimbo Eruptions), a White House Councilor and colleague of Hillary who just happened to be ready to testify against Hillary about records she refused to turn over to Congress. (since he died in 1993, 1’m guessing no email deletion was involved THAT time.

There’s the guy who died in a plane crash with a bullet in his head. A bullet to the head AND a plane crash? Not suspicious at all. Happens all the time, right?

The list goes on and on. At what point do we accept that maybe — just maybe — the numbers begin to point to something suspicious?

(You can see a more detailed list of these deaths, their circumstances, and their Clinton connections here and judge for yourself if Hillary is a “carrier” for suspicious, sudden, and violent deaths.)

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