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Here’s What Happens When You Mix PRETTY Girls Around NASTY Muslim Men

What these Muslim men did to these women at a music festival in Germany is going to make your blood boil. You can thank Angela Merkel and her ‘innocent refugees’ for this one.

Eighteen women have said they were sexually assaulted at a music festival in Germany.

Three men from Pakistan aged between 28 and 31 have been arrested and police are still searching for three men who may also have been involved.

The attacks are similar to those reported in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve, when as many as 1,000 women were groped and robbed.

Police said three women reported being groped at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in Darmstadt on Saturday saying they had been encircled then sexually harassed by a group of men.

By Tuesday, 15 more women had made complaints of being sexually assaulted in a similar manner at the festival.

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According to this author, Islam is going to split Europe and ultimately destroy it:

A best selling Algerian author warns that the “refugee welcome” culture is “naive,” and that Islam will fracture European society.

Algerian writer and best selling author Boualem Sansal paints a bleak vision of Europe’s future in his new work 2084: The End of the World, the title evoking George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.  Mr. Sansal sees a Europe —not governed by a totalitarian Big Brother as Mr. Orwell did, but rather —  subjugated by radical Islam.

Promoting the book, the author warns that the “refugees welcome” attitude that Germans have shown is “completely naive,” and warns of the perils of radical Islam on European society in a new interview, reports Kronen Zeitung.

Mr. Sansal blames what he calls an overly tolerant society as the reason for his vision of the future of Europe. He says that in Germany in particular that the experiences of the Second World War have made the nation an easy prey for Islamists. He told media that many of the radical Islamists in his native Algeria were forced out for their agitations against the government and many of them have found asylum in Germany.

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