What This Islamic ‘Preacher’ Just BANNED Will Make Young People Scream, ‘You SUCK’

What would you do if this Islamic preacher told you not to use this? This is just further proof that Islam makes things suck everywhere it goes.

An Islamic preacher has warned fellow Muslims not to use certain emojis on messaging apps because they are blasphemous.

Saudi-based preacher Wajdi Akkari, 36, said it was ‘haram’ – or forbidden – for Muslims to use the angel, ‘anything devilish’ or even the prayer symbol.

In a video seen by MailOnline, a very animated Akkari told his audience: ‘You have to be selective in these emojis. Not everything is halal [permissible] to share.’

The Lebanon-born preacher moved to the United States and joined a rap group when he was 18.

He later relocated his wife and children to Saudi Arabia where he teaches Arabic, delivers Friday prayers and holds lectures in some hospitals.

In a video shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), he said the angel with a halo was a Christian interpretation of the entity and therefore ‘haram’.

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