Journalist Infiltrates ISIS In France … What He Filmed Will Give You CHILLS

Still think ISIS is contained in Europe? Then you might want to take a look at what this undercover journalist saw when he infiltrated an ISIS cell in France. This is horrifyingly chilling and should be a huge wake up call to the rest of Europe.

An ISIS cell in France threatened new rocket attacks on passenger jets and a new Charlie Hebdo-style massacre in chilling undercover video filmed by a journalist who infiltrated the group.

The journalist, a Muslim using the pseudonym Said Ramzi, also received instructions to ‘shoot until death’ in a nightclub slaughter and set off an explosive vest if security turn up.

After an initial meeting in Chateauroux, a town in the centre-west of France, the would-be jihadists warned of devastating attacks that would ‘traumatise the country for a century’.

The journalist, whose documentary ‘Allah’s Soldiers’ airs in France tonight, was promised a place in paradise with ‘a winged horse of gold and rubies’.

He used a hidden camera as the cell plotted an attack in the name of ISIS, before they were arrested.

Ramzi describes himself as a Muslim ‘of the same generation as the killers’ who carried out the November 13 terror attacks which left 130 people dead in Paris.

To make contact with the group, Ramzi said the first steps were easy, following and interacting with those preaching jihad on Facebook.

Then, he had to meet the person presented as the ’emir’ of the group of about a dozen youths, some of them born into Muslim families, and the others converts.

This took place in Chateauroux at an outdoor activities centre that was deserted in winter.

The ’emir’ was a young French-Turkish citizen named Oussama, and on their first meeting he tries to convince the journalist he knows as Abu Hamza, that paradise awaits him if he carries out a suicide mission.

‘Towards paradise, that is the path,’ Oussama says, a chilling smile on his face. ‘Come, brother, let’s go to paradise, our women are waiting for us there, with angels as servants.

‘You will have a palace, a winged horse of gold and rubies.’

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