Kid FLOPS Into Gorilla Enclosure … What Happened Next Is HARD To Watch

Here’s one reason why they make leashes for kids — so that they don’t jump into a moat at the zoo and get dragged around by a gorilla. This shocking video is hard to watch for some. What would you have done if this happened to your child?

A zoo shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla that grabbed and dragged a four-year-old boy who fell into the its enclosure on Saturday afternoon.

Authorities said the boy, who fell 10 to 12 feet, is expected to recover after being picked up out of the moat and dragged by the 400-pound male, lowland gorilla named Harambe.

The boy was in the moat for about 10 minutes and was in between the gorilla’s legs when the gorilla was shot, according to WLWT.

While zoo officials are still investigating, they believe the boy crawled through a railing barrier, and then fell into the moat.

Zoo officials said at the time boy fell in the moat, three gorillas were in the enclosure but the two female gorillas were called out immediately.

However, a third gorilla, Harambe, remained in the yard with the child.

Video footage emerged on Saturday revealing some of the chilling moments of the time the boy was inside the moat, as a panicked crowd looking on can be heard screaming as the ordeal unfolded.

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The Cincinnati Zoo director defended the decision to shoot the Gorilla for this reason:

The director of a Cincinnati zoo has defended the decision to shoot dead a 17-year-old gorilla after a boy fell into its enclosure saying it was not a ‘gentle thing’ and had seen it ‘take a coconut and crush it’.

Harambe, a western lowland silverback gorilla, was shot with a rifle with the boy still between his legs, in the zoo’s enclosure on Saturday.

Zoo director Thomas Maynard said the four-year-old child – who has not been named – was in imminent danger because the gorilla was confused and acting erratically.

Video footage showed the gorilla dragging the child by the ankle through the moat in its enclosure while terrified onlookers screamed.

The clip also appeared to show Harambe standing guard over the child and the two even shared a brief moment holding hands.

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