Man Beats Wife’s RAPIST… What The Cops Did To The Husband Will STUN You

When this man defended his wife against a violent attacker who wanted to rape her and left her naked, he never expected to be hit with this news. Do you think this man was right for defending and protecting his wife? Or do you think that he was wrong for this?

A husband has been arrested on charges of manslaughter after he beat a man to death with a tire iron for trying to rape his wife, police said.

Mamadou Diallo, 61, was outside his Bronx apartment building when his wife, 51, called and said a man who broke in hit her, dropped his pants, and said, ‘I’m going to rape you.’

Diallo ran inside, caught up with the attacker identified as Earl Nash, 43, and fractured his skull with the steel lever as Nash tried to fight back with his belt, the NY Daily News reported.

Nash died at Lincoln Hospital from ‘severe trauma to his head and body’ about three hours later, according to police.

Nash, who has a lengthy criminal history, slipped past the apartment building entrance around 10pm on Monday by following a resident in, according to PIX11.

He knocked on a number of apartments asking for water before the wife, identified as Nenegale Diallo by DNAinfo, opened the door thinking it was her son.

Nenegale’s sister was also home at the time.

Nash forced his way in, locked the door behind him and started taking off his pants.

When Nenegale offered him money, he reportedly said: ‘I don’t wan’t money. I’m going to rape you.’

Nash struggled with both women, attacking the sister first before hitting Nenegale in the head with a chair and and tearing off her clothes after she tried to run to the door for help.

The two women struggled with Nash for about 20 minutes and managed to fight him off long enough for Nenegale to call her husband.

Diallo, a cab driver, was in a car outside the building.

He rushed inside and found Nash on the sixth floor, where his wife was naked in the hallway.

She told the NY Daily News: ‘While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die. I told my husband, “Don’t let him out!”‘

The two men fought inside the elevator, which was left covered in blood after Diallo fractured Nash’s skull.

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