SPLAT: Watch ISIS Dipstick Try To Run From A BULLET (VIDEO)

Published on May 27, 2016

Not even Allah was able to save this jihadi dipstick when he needed it! Do you think he met his 72 virgins?

A video has captured the moment an ISIS thug ran for cover when fighting the infidels… except he didn’t quite make it. This happened in Fallujah, Iraq between Chechen ISIS militants and a PMU. The Jihadist bled to death right in front of his buddy. It’s a preview of what is awaiting the rest of the ISIS demons. His comrade was wearing a camera to catch some badass moments, except all he caught was death on his side of the aisle. Looking for sympathy… nope, fresh out… again. The Jihadist evidently got hit in the neck and that was pretty much it for him. He gurgled and bled out right next to his friend. What a way to go.

Via Right Wing News

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